(This is the 2nd post from the DIY Scholar-Practitioner series.) I stumbled across Justine Musk's blog, Just Because You Are A Creative Badass and she said,

Feed your head. You are the sum of your influences.

Amen! If you are the sum of your influences, do you make time to think about who or what has influenced your development? Who or what you want to influence you moving forward? What the patchwork quilt of "you" really looks like?

A visual reminder of those influences can reenergize, provide new inspiration and further define your praxis based on the unique things that have shaped you. Consider creating an Influence Map. Typically used by graphic artists and gamers, Influence Maps are collages of things that have explicitly shaped your aesthetic and/or practice. Influence Maps are a chance to take stock. I believe this process is applicable for many all of us.

Your influences show up in your big decisions and can come from unrelated places.

So, bust out the scissors and glue or your computer and make an Influence Map! As a super new Pintrest convert I am using their platform to archive the people/places/things that have influenced my development as a cultural worker over the past 4 years.

I offer up my Influence Map (it is a work in progress): http://pinterest.com/jessaip/my-influence-map/  (if you're on Pintrest too, let's be friends!)


#AiP Tip! Fellow Cultural Workers - creating Influence Maps with your collaborators or groups is a great activity for creative development & exploration and team building.