A Haiku

This is not a Post/ Run-down of what happens when/ Art and change, boogie

Check it...

Momentum  | 1 year ago I was foaming at the mouth, ranting and raving about how awful the Crime and Punishment Museum was...paying Washington, DC youth to wear orange jumpsuits and pass out flyers... had hosted a "Crimes of Passion" exhibit on Valentine's Day...awful. This month, my Alma Mater, American University was planning a "Culture WONKs" reception at that wretched place....until fellow DC cultural worker/lightbeam AU Alumna Simone Jacobson contacted the event organizers citing a post I wrote in October 2011 (https://bitly.com/qRfJeR+). Now the "Culture WONKs" reception is cancelled and the Museum has lost the endorsement of a major institution. Boom.

I'm going to be in a film... sort of | On Fri November 9th, I'm one of 8 Speakeasy DC Storytellers selected to pair up with a creative team from the DC Shorts Film Festival to bring my story to life. Eeeeee...Exciting! "Eight filmmaking teams have only 5 days to write, shoot, edit—and screen a film based on stories from eight local storytellers." The kicker: none of the teams have heard the stories before they are presented.  Spoiler: I'm recalling a pivotal childhood moment. Hmmm...maybe Quvenzhane Wallis will play me in the film? You are invited to come and listen to all 8 stories and/or see the finished product. Spread the word about the SpeakeasyShorts Film Challenge-> http://bit.ly/PBc56Y

<3's for Live Unchained Live Unchained is a force; an online magazine and digital connector and curator of bold, beautiful, powerful, innovative woman artists across the African Diaspora. Over the last four years, Live Unchained has built a cannon of "Who's Who" among Black Women multidisciplinary artists. I am so honored to be a part of this team. As Connectivity Director My work is to bring the LU digital community into 3-D spaces.  Ideas for collaboration/partnership? email me at jess@liveunchained.com Last week I penned a short piece over at LU inspired by Middle of Nowhere by Ava Duverney, black girl brilliance and Unicorns.

Oh, Sandy | Friends in NYC: Here is a list of Self and Community Care offerings in the city. Thank you, Soular Bliss.

Vote on November 6th! I am looking FORWARD. #obama2012