I had an "Artist Date" with my dear friend and collaborator, Binahkaye Joy. Since technology is amazing, I captured a snippet of our date. Be inspired, affirmed, excited. Enjoy.

Binahkaye Joy (pronounced Bee-Nah-Ky-Yay) is a Visionary Space Activator - teacher, movement facilitator, award-winning author, poet, playwright, muse to many and a budding filmmaker. She is the Visionary at BJoy Spaces and co-host of Sunday Scribes, a monthly writing circle. 

DC is known for politics and Olivia Pope (Scandal rocks!), but what does it mean to/for Artists/Creatives/Activators?

"DC is a vibrant, flow of ideas... we are a multi-national population, those different perspectives are reflected in the art, along with the broad scope of humanity. We have access to lots of free cultural events and institutions. Access to (art and culture) feeds my process. DC is great for size and accessibility - you can touch it all... you can get a lot without going so far. With all of the politics, there are a lot of tangible conversations about how arts and change intersect."

We are a fractured city and as artists we can navigate the many cities within one. 

[VIDEO] I met a Cultural Worker at a summer Artists Retreat deep in the Carolina hills. He identified as a "Visionary Space Activator", a term Binahkaye has cultivated over the last 7 years. Here she talks about the journey and power of creating language and authenticity.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/53348410 w=500&h=281]

Tell me something about your creative process...

..I believe that it is healthy to be hungry. Your hunger, your inquiry and curiosity feed the discovery. That's why I value the funky moments, too.

[And so do I, thanks to her! Backstory: I was in a season of "funky moments" and remembered a story Binahkaye told me. While in Trinidad facing a major turning point, she wrote a letter to herself, asking "How did you make it through?" I wrote a similar letter and read it one year after the funk. What a gift. (In case you were wondering, I made it.)]

[VIDEO] Binahkaye shares some words of wisdom with her younger self. 

 [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/53349836 w=500&h=281]

 Visit bjoyspaces.com to learn more about Binahkaye's work, upcoming classes and events.