"The arts and culture industry is an economically sound investment. It attracts audiences, spurs business development, supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of tourism. Locally...the arts mean business." -  Americans for the Arts, Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

As an arts patron, cultural producer and full-time nonprofiteer, I've been archiving my conversations with Artists and Social Sector leaders. Picture this... Leaders lamenting about searching for artists when projects called for creative interpretation... Artists wanting to showcase their talents with dynamic organizations but not sure where to start. Referrals hit or miss on all fronts.

So I asked, “What if there was an intermediary connecting and cultivating deeper relationships between local artists and local organizations based on values and need?”

Art in Praxis has answered!  It's time to re-envision what it means to be an Artist in Residence.


The Match is a vehicle for local artists and social good organizations to cultivate longer-term, strategic relationships that further their reach and stimulate the creative economy.

I am so excited. This is big. Learn more about the inaugural event here. Stay tuned for #creativematch updates and posts.