Recently I was honored with the opportunity to produce a segment for Creative Conversations with Risikat Okedeyi on 83.9 WPFW FM Radio. In celebration of Valentine’s Day (and the transformative power of love and community), we thought it would be fun to have Creatives share what it takes to build personal relationships that work. Kristina Gray and Brian Akpa also known as DJ K La Rock and DJ Senyo are newlyweds that have been together for seven years. As DJ Senyo, Brian has been spinning music from and inspired by the African diaspora for over 10 years and is the host of SWENKA, a night celebrating African beats past, present and future. Kristina writes, DJs and makes music as lead singer if the band Coup Savage & The Snips and is the founder of  the all-female the First Ladies DJ Collective. She also works with the arts organization Girls Rock DC.

Some of the themes were: unspoken rules for dating creatives, practicing the same artistic medium - pluses and minuses, the ecology of relationships between Artists and creating together.
Good times. I learned a lot from our guests and I hope to continue this conversation beyond "Valentine's Day" season. I'll be Tweeting "a ha's" and questions under the #datingcreatives hashtag. 

Click the image to listen to the segment!