LU TSB TSHIRT Design [VIDEO] Live Unchained Artists and Activists for "Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful"

Live Unchained is...a digital media arts organization showcasing (amazing) women artists of the African diaspora. Since 2009 we've featured over 100 artists from 16 countries. I'm a proud member of the LU team and serve as the Connectivity Director.

Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful is... our 1st annual award ceremony named after a line from one of poet/author/filmmaker Warsan Shire’s well-known poems, “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love.” The ceremony will honor women we’ve featured on, including Warsan! She's crossing the pond to be with us! We are bringing Warsan to DC from London to perform and host a workshop on healing through narrative, and a panel discussion on cultural activism (all the things I swoon over).

Warsan is as excited about her trip as we are, telling Live Unchained: I would absolutely love to come out, it would be brilliant and I am humbled by the invitation.”

Get into it! Support our Indiegogo Campaign to make "Terrifying, Strange & Beautiful" a reality. The perks are AMAZING. (I'm wearing my limited edition t-shirt right now!)

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