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Registered for The Match?! Awesome. You are a part of a juicy experiment in strengthening the networks that already exist between the Social + Creative sectors! Here's a few pointers to ensure you get  the most out of the event...

The Match (beta) March 2013, Washington, DC; Photos: Gee James/@CMediaUSA of Capitol Media USA

1. Practice Makes (Pitch) Perfect. In 6 minutes you will talk about your company's mission, or your artistic practice. You will listen, too. Here's a handy framework:

  • What is your call to action? WHY do you do what you do? (This may be philosophical or personal)
  • What is your approach? HOW do you do what you do?
  • WHAT exactly do you do?

("Why-How-What" Distilled from :

2. It's An Idea Potluck...Bring Something To The Table. Is your organization working on a campaign, project or strategy that would benefit from: visual art? a benefit performance? a promotional video series? a story circle? Does your artistic practice lend itself to telling a great story (through pictures, written word, music, movement)? How?

3. It Takes Two To Make A Dream Go Right!  This is an opportunity for you to create a new framework and context for engaging with Artists or Organizations. 6 months from now what will have been created because you dreamt out loud?!

4. Leave Something Behind. There may be more to uncover after your 6 minutes is up. Exchange business cards, Twitter handles, your favorite quotes... something.

(Here's a  pretty cool re-cap of our inaugural Match in March from our photographer, Gee James.)