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Stories are EVERYTHING | #StoriesLab 6164208313-1Art in Praxis is a proud partner of  #StoriesLab! Washington, DC 5/4, American University. Register here ->

About 'StoriesLab: An Interactive Event...

Want to know how to engage through transmedia? What about learning how to measure the impact of your cross media projects? Want to participate in a mini hackathon?
While storytelling is an age-old form, the way that stories are told, collected, shared, and measured continue to change as our digital and technological landscape advances. StoriesLab is a half-day event that features interactive workshops that dive into the myriad options available to tell stories that engage, entertain, and inspire. Presented by StoriesLead, a project of Pride Collaborative, StoriesLab will allow attendees to participate in a simulated story hack, measure the impact of cross platform stories, and breakdown the components that compose a great narrative.
(I wrote a primer on "Transmedia" a while back...)
Last week Washington, DC celebrated Emancipation Day. April 16, 1862 marks the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia. Over 3,100 enslaved persons were freed eight months before the Emancipation Proclamation liberated slaves in the South. As part of 2013 Emancipation Day, ONE DC invited the community to celebrate black women organizers.  One of the women we learned (more) about was Anna Julia Cooper (1858–1964) author, educator, speaker and one of the most prominent black scholars in United Stated history. Cooper was a long-time DC resident. Her home of 50 years is in LeDroit Park! In the spirit of Black Feminism and DC Emancipation Day I hosted an impromput field trip to her home to honor her legacy, and to discuss intersectionality, radical love of community and our contemporary  relationship to freedom. It was a powerful and will become a AiP tradition.

Some facts about Anna Julia Cooper:

  • Born in Raleigh, NC to an enslaved womannamed Hannah Stanley Haywood.
  • Received PhD in History from the University of Paris – Sorbonne in 1924, the 4th black woman to earn a doctorate.
  • Founded the Colored Women’s League of Washington in 1892.
  • Helped open the first YWCA chapter for blackwomen.
  • Published A Voice from the South (1892), which examines the way black women are affected by living at the intersection of oppressions and explains that their status and progress are definitive markers of the status and progress of the nation.
  • President at Frelinghuysen University, a school founded to provide classes for DC residents lacking access to higher education.
  • Vocally critical of movements that advocated for women’s rights and racial justice for ignoring black women who were victims of both oppressions.
  • Anna Julia Cooper died ten years after Brown v. the Board of Education desegregated American schools, three years after the freedom rides began in Washington, and not a full year after Dr. Martin Luther King wrote his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail.
  • Every new American passport bears her most famous quote:  “The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class-it is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity.”



Art in Praxis is headed to historic Anacostia this Spring as part of the hive dc's Creative Economy Residency Program! And we are excited that our Residency partner is Live Unchained! From May - August We'll be hosting workshops, film screenings and discussions at the hive 2.0... a really cool co-working space for social entrepreneurs, artists and small businesses. Check the calendar for updates.


Interested in learning more about the creative economy in DC, wielding art for community-wide change, capacity-building? Check out the AiP Cultural Production Fellowship. And finally, I'm over in the lab currently obsessed with + excited about the NAMAC #artsENGAGE tumblr page (The Match (beta) was featured), GALA Theatre's bi-lingual production about Roberto Clemente, upcoming 99U conference (I'll be volunteering!), the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) Conference featuring Danielle Laporte, the Unstuck App , Do Good Week in DC and The Case Foundation's #befearless principle, "Experiment Early and Often".

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