The are blog posts in the queue. Emails to be read and written.

Phone calls to make and take.

Ideas to scribble down. And all of these things will happen.

But right now I am still sitting with what the revolutionary poet/writer/warrior-healer Sonia Sanchez told us at the Remixing the Art of Social Change Teach-in yesterday:

Don't let that case make you feel hopeless. That case is here to teach, to make us human.

l to r: Nina Angela Mercer (Ocean Ana Rising), Jessica Solomon, Sonia Sanchez, Ebony Noelle Golden (Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative), July 14, 2013

Holding space and fervent prayer for the Martin family, parents with children that look like Trayvon, educators and all of us working to be more human.  And currently,  this is my theme song: 

Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Ella's Song" |  1990, Voices Festival, Netherlands