• Atlas Performing Arts Center (map)
  • Washington, DC
  • United States


A local corps of creatives—artists, organizers, educators, humans—working to advance equity, empathy, sustainability, and social justice in DC through art and culture. 

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) - the nation's newest "people-powered" departmen parking grassroots creative change - believes this force is already here! Under the umbrella of the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival, “What is a Citizen Artist?” is a city-wide creative convening to explore ways DC Citizen Artists can “perform” and create ity rooted in more empathy, equity, and social imagination. 

The evening will feature pop-up creative responses by local artists and cultural workers. 

WHAT WE KNOW: Citizen Artists need not self-define as artists or be U.S. citizens in the legal sense of the word! We welcome anyone who believes that these times call for a deep investment in creativity and imagination and who are eager to apply theirs in the service of a more just and vibrant world.