The Vision Poem



In the beginning there was art 

And culture

And those planets circled around each other 

Like earth and sun

Feeding off what exists in one another 

To sustain each its own life


There we were born 

On the edges

In the peripheral 


“That’s so interesting”

“We never tried it this way”


Looking for the places

Where the lines were blurry 

And the possibility was thick


There we were born 

Out of hope for the future 

And learning from the past

Building new words and worlds 

Brick by brick

Experience by experience 

Project by project 


Sometimes our dreams catch up with our days 

And we call it beauty 

Sometimes our rage catches up with the times

And we call it creativity 


Scarcity is a false hood 

And capacity can grow if watered 

Cared for and cultivated 


We are only as healthy as the future we can’t see

We are only as strong as the organizations we are apart of 

Our values can be put into praxis

We do not have to choose

Life abundant or stagnation 

That is a false choice

One that maintains the status quo


We are master builders

Our process teaches more than the product

We slow down listen

If we like it we repeat it

The world will be 

Has to be 

Different because together we created

Together we gave birth 


To things that would last 

And places that could survive

Our art is our praxis 

Every organization has an artist 

And every artist creates an organization 

No longer is our work siloed to where it belongs

We find home

In each other 

In our changing 

In our shifting

And at the center 

Is creative potential 

Innate to each of us


Boom there we are born

In the places where we dance 

And the places where we sing off key 

And in our doodles 

And in the off hand conversations 

And I wonder if we could try

There new life is possible 


There our intention and action meet 

And we our midwives for the 

Story and world we dream of


There we became and become 

And our becoming Art in Praxis 


written by Nicole Newman

Based on a world enriched by vibrant people and organizations addressing complex problems and structural drivers of inequality in wildly creative, collaborative, holistic ways. Inspired by and with input from Art in Praxis.

    Nicole Newman is and a poet and organizer. She enjoys sunflowers, books and chocolate. She is committed to seeing the divine in all people and things and creating spaces where both she and others can take up more space than commonly allowed.