Culture, like the wave, naturally builds and is shaped by forces that we don't always see but are always at work.  


The Cultural Waves Residencies connect the skills and talent of artists to the needs and strategic initiatives led by social justice organizations through tailored community artist residencies and skill-building workshops. 

Residencies begin with convening artists and stakeholders to discuss potential points of entry for creative collaboration; artists participate in skill-building workshops to depend their community engaged practice while they create in community. The aesthetic of each residency reflects the reality of multiple participation, identities, and meanings. Each residency culminates in a tailor made community engagement experience designed by the artist(s) and stakeholders. 

Cultural Waves Residencies are designed and directed by seasoned local community artists and practitioners who are guided by a vision of a world where vibrant organizations address complex social problems and build community through art. 


The Wave as Metaphor


Art in Praxis seeks to accelerate long-lasting social change by placing art + culture at the center of engagement, development and transformation. Engaged processes are core to our work. We see the wave as the perfect metaphor for this residency - a process that stretches across time and has a lasting impact. 

Social justice organizations have a monumental task at hand: educate DC residents about complex issues, co-create an equitable vision, and inspire the masses to join the movement. It is only through effective deploying of arts and culture that this task has a chance of succeeding.
— Allison Basile, Solidarity Economy Organizer, Impact Hub DC and ONE DC
We consistently found that artists are powerful drivers of organizational change and development, coming naturally to change management processes based on their training and facility in artistic practice.
— Sarah Lutman, 2014 ArtLab report, Capacity Building and Resilience

dive in: ARTISTS & ORGANIZATIONS apply! 

Rolling Admission (no pun intended!)

Cultural Wave Resident Artists

Who: DC Artists and Cultural Workers in the fields of visual art, design, dance, theatre and/or music who are interested in collaboration and socially-engaged art. 

We feel strongly that artists should not work for free. Resident Artists receive a modest $500 honorarium for supplies. Artists receive documentation support and participate in skill-building workshops on community engagement and cultural organizing. 

Resident Artists are expected to:

  • Provide their own consumable supplies
  • Facilitate 1 community engagement event at the culmination of the residency. 

Cultural Wave Host Organizations

Who: DC Social Justice Organizations (Community-Based organizations, Nonprofits and Agencies ) with the capacity and interest in collaborating with a local artist or cultural worker over at least 2 months.

The Cultural Wave Project is designed to help organizations and organizers build rewarding and effective partnerships with local artists and cultural workers. 

Host organizations are expected to have physical space and staff capacity to collaborate with an artist for at least 2 months. (It is advantageous to apply having ideas about ways art and culture can amplify your work.)

Additional community engagement strategy support is available upon request. 


Your investment helps equip DC-based social justice organizations with creative frameworks, tools and art that draws on local culture, address community issues, and better explains complex social issues. You're also helping build a corps of local socially-engaged artists. 

Your support increases our likelihood of initial success and cultivating resources to replicate.